Sadik Hadzovic

GAT Sponsored Athlete, Fitness Model and IFBB Mens Physique Pro/Olympia competitor, Sadik Hadzovic and his family first found refuge in the United States after escaping their homeland, the war torn Yugoslavia. According to Sadik, his inspiration, drive and work ethic were all the product of his no-nonsense upbringing and the life he knew as a child. At an early age, Sadik picked up weight training and that is something that has stuck with him his entire life. Weight training had given Sadik the confidence needed to be successful in all areas of his life including being a top model in the fitness industry and until recently, an Olympia competitor.

Sadik had been photographed and published in countless books and fitness magazines, and continues to work as a Fitness Model today. He has been the star of international jean and underwear campaigns, and was even featured on multiple billboards. With all of this, Sadik was still not content and he channeled all his energy into competing against some of the Worlds' best physiques in the NPC Mens Physique division back in 2011.

Like many competitors who are fortunate to make a successful career within this industry and know the struggles and sacrifices that it takes to make it, Sadik's goal is to help others realize the importance of exercising and adopting a healthy lifestyle. He believes that "these actions will breed energy and courage and help meet with success the more difficult tasks of life which will ultimately result in true contentment and enjoyment of life."

Competition History:

  • 2nd Place Mr. Olympia 2015
  • 1st Place Arnold IFBB Men's Physique 2015
  • 1st Place IFBB Tampa Pro 2014
  • 1st Place IFBB New York Pro 2013
  • 1st Place IFBB Valenti Gold Cup 2012
  • 1st Place & Overall Winner NPC Jr. Nationals 2012
  • 1st Place & Overall Winner NPC Metropolitan 2012
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