Buff Bake
The idea for BUFF BAKE was born when Ashley, a fitness guru and bikini contest competitor, approached her baking enthusiast cousin, Brittany, in hopes of creating a healthy snack that would help her stick to her strict diet regime without completely sacrificing her craving for something tasty. After some time at the drawing board, they landed on all natural, protein-infused butters made with peanuts and almonds. After experimenting with different recipes and adding superfoods such as chia and flax seed, BUFF BAKE quite literally found their bread and butter. Together, with creativity and intuition on a great new product, the girls took to the farmers markets of Southern California with their new products, and with a dynamic duo like these two, plus a box of delicious nut butters, it's no wonder it didn't take long for the word, much like a spoonful of their Snickerdoodle Almond Butter, to spread!

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Buff Bake

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