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Jwfoods is a licensed provincially inspected processing plant located in Scarborough Ontario!! We are inspected daily not yearly and have an external audit every year! Every product we sell has the best traceability systems in place to give you the best, healthiest products available!! Jwfoods is before the retailer store so we save you our customers a lot of money! A little info about our meal butler service. The meal butler is dedicated to clean portion controlled eating! All our meals are considered contest prep! So NO SALTS or OILS!! You go to our website Jwfoods.com 1-pick your protein,carb and greens, 2-pick what ounces you want 3-pick the pick-up location Sit back and wait Once you receive your meals, you now have several options to heat up! Take your meals and place in the refrigerator over night, to defrost. 1- place the vacuumed bags into cold water ( these vacuumed bags are BPA free and are rated food grade and safe!!) wait for the water to boil, open and enjoy! "Very important!! This method is the best and safest because water boiling , kills bacteria! 2- open packages, place in a container, place in a microwave for 1-2 minutes and enjoy! Either way is good, but we recommend the first as the best! In an office setting you can also boil water for tea, place the hot water in the container holding the packages, leave sit for 2-3 minutes, open and enjoy. Thankyou for your interest in our product lines and brands. Our team is always available for any questions! Bill, Tasia, Steve and Jennifer 416-298-1350

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