Live Fit Apparel
LIVE FIT. Apparel (LVFT) is an original true lifestyle brand. The first of its kind, bringing you a unique style to the active lifestyle. This is where fashion meets fitness. A one of a kind brand for everything from the everyday active lifestyle to todays modern sports. With the progression of living a healthy lifestyle, LVFT offers a more edgy and hip side to the fitness clothing / apparel industry. With each generation, youths have become increasingly more aware of the importance of being active, whether it be through skateboarding/surfing or getting a gym membership. LVFT is a movement with bodybuilding / physique roots that evolved into something so much bigger than we've ever thought possible. It has become its own LIFESTYLE, with heavy influences from Skateboarding, Surfing and fitness / bodybuilding, LVFT is the first to be considered a fashionable street-wear fitness brand.

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