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Why Tendu? Tendu is a premium active sports bra line, created for powerful, fashion forward, pack leaders who are not afraid to stand out in a crowd. Our #Tendubabes are all strong women, those with powerful ambitions and dreams of success. I can't, does not exist for these women, just I CAN and I WILL. These head turning designs encompass the designers Toronto Raptors Dance Pak Style and years of Fashion Buying / Trend Research Experience. Tendu sports bras are multi functional statement pieces, they were created to be seen not covered up. Be daring and wear them on their own, or pair them with an airy open back tank, maintaining some modesty while showing off your #tendustyle and fashion forward flashy back details; all while feeling comfortable, supportive and sexy! The Beauty Behind The Name: Tendu The word Tendu is derived from a french ballet term, which means to stretch. A Tendu is a well known dance or ballet movement in which the leg and foot stretch to point in a particular direction, and remains on the floor with beautiful turnout and grace. Young dancers practice Tendus at the bar, as they advance, Tendus are used as transitional moves in stunning choreographed routines. The goal of Tendu Sports Bras is to encourage woman of all ages to feel confident and comfortable at all times. Driven by fashion, Tendu stretches the imagination of design to inspire the inner boss in every woman.

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Tendu Active

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